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It's time for Gabriel Paris to show his real nature of blond bitch. We have presented this fashion guy to Ryan The Rascall, our top Arab fucker, who just loves bottom bitches. Gabriel will have to open very wide his white ass and welcome Ryan's big moroccan dick. Pushed against the wall Gabriel will be fucked like a whore, and you'll see, it's exactly how things shall happen. Because these two guys perfectly know what each of them shall do. To fuck and to obey.


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Mark Humper is hungry for cocks. He was looking for some sex in the basement of social buildings in french project where this kind of things usually happens, and happily for him today he's gonna meet two big cocks. Maltos, the portuguese fellow you all ready know, will fuck his white ass with a help of his Algerian bud Anis. This guy is a new comer to the district, and he has all ready learned everything about hard fucking bottom guys in lousy places. Anis bass all necessary gear: big dick, nice body, severe eyes look and lot of energy to discharge into greedy asses.


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Tyron Bang, covered by a hood, bumps into "Borbore Sex" in an abandoned supermarket. He grabs him and pushes him down on his knees. He fucks his face like the good cock-sucker he is. Once he's had enough of his mouth, he turns him around and starts working deeply on his ass!


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Cagoule94 is a tall mixed-race dude who lives in the projects near Paris. He is a top with a hot defined body. Even though you can t see his face under his hood you can t help but to imagine a handsome dude gifted by nature. His cock is nearly 10 inch and it scares the girls away. A few lucky gay men tried it out before, just like this cute little blond dude who s thinking while sucking the big hunk off: Fuck! He s gonna hurt my ass! You bet he is!!! Check this out!


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Tyron Bang must be one of the hottest ass around this year! In this scene he gives his hot gay hole while bent over against a gym bench. A horny hooded top arab gay boy is behind him to stretch his tight gay hole, making him moan and scream from pleasure and pain! Fucked by big arab dick Tyron bang will be wide open, submitted to powerful arab cock like a submissive femel slut. Give your ass slut and shut your mouth !


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Top arab man Ryan wants to eat a tabbouleh tonight. On the way to the supermarket, to buy olive oil, he meets young french twink Logan. Ryan was aware of Logan’s desire to suck his big arab dick, as the younster was watching his dick every time he pass nearby. Ryan asks the twink to follow him into the parking lot. In the project, young guys admire and fear their older mates. And when a bad ass boy gives an orders, twinks obey. Once in the basement, Logan is forced to suck big arab dick of Moroccan man, before being dumped as a poster on the wall, giving up his virgin ass to big arab cock. Logan is readily fucked in brutal way ! From the very first time the youngster shall learn how to satisfy real man and serve big arab dicks !


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Pablo Bravo, a latin porn star living in Paris, have finally met a bottom boy able to take his big latino dick for hours. And not only to take it, but to be heavily fucked and even raped. At last ! This is the whore he was looking for ! Welcome bitch ! Give your white ass to latino boss. Cry like a bitch ! Take that cock in your hole and shut the fuck up your mouth. Latino boss is in charge here !


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Maltos, a portugese fucker is back ! He wanted to fuck some submissive white bottom, but he has no chance today ! No one is there. He met Ryan, a moroccan arab stud and bad ass boy. This guy will never give his ass, but he may give his big dick to some gay sucker. So, this time Maltos will have to lay down on his knees and will have to suck a huge arab dick. Ryan the arab rascal is going to demolish his mouth with his massive arab cock, very large, hairy and hard like a steel. In front of dominant young arab male, and his huge moroccan monster dick, Maltos get totally crazy and suck that arabian cock like a virgin boy. He just discovered his submissive nature, well hidden so far.


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Walid le Zobeur is a top hairy gay Arab fucker living in France. He likes to mercilessly fuck bottom guys with his big and hairy arab dick. Very often he finds submissive sluts on BeurOnline, a french chat with many ethnic and mixed-race guys. His today’s victim is Karim, another arab gay man, obedient and bottom, who wanted to be fucked like a young girl by a fellow arabian man. All his wishes will be fully realized today as Walid is totally decided to destroy his ass in rape style fuck. ATTENTION THERE’S NO SOUND IN THIS VIDEO.


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